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The Spiritual Exercises

St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, developed the Spiritual Exercises, one of the most impactful and sustaining prayer retreats in the Christian faith. The Exercises primarily consist of praying with Scripture as we invite God to inspire our imagination and encounter Jesus through the Gospel stories.

There are four themes explored:

1) We begin with how deeply we are loved by God. 

2) In light of God's love, we face our sins while experiencing His mercy and forgiveness. 

3) Next, we pray through the life of Jesus through the Gospel stories: His birth and childhood, His public ministry, His passion, and His resurrection.

4) Finally, we are invited into the new life, healing, and freedom Jesus offers to us.

Many people have experienced Jesus in a deeply impactful way leading them to serve Him in freedom and joy.  These Exercises are viewed as a school of prayer and discernment, encountering the living God in a more personal way as He leads us into the life He has individually tailored for us.

I provide the opportunity to pray through the Exercises each year from September to May in Malvern or online through video conferencing.  I use the 19th Annotation version in which people pray through the Exercises over 9 months.  We would meet weekly allowing you space to process how God has been present, most invitational, and with encouragement from a fellow traveler.

For more information, please feel free contact Heather

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