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The Immanuel Approach

The Immanuel Approach: Work

A Message from Heather on Healing Prayer

We are made to be in wholehearted connection with ourselves, God, and others where we are delighted in, deeply known, and have true rest.  Painful experiences can rupture these connections and we can have a difficult time fully processing how to avoid similar pain again, including our perception of God and trusting His providential care for our lives.

Over the years as a trauma-informed therapist and in spiritual direction, I have found The Immanuel Approach to be a very effective way to heal this rupture.  Immanuel means "God with us".   Founded by Dr Karl Lehman, MD, this approach to inner healing is grounded in God through prayer, gratitude, listening, and insights from modern neuroscience.

What to Expect

In an Immanuel Approach session, the facilitator will invite and guide the individual through each step of the process.  The recipient simply pays attention to what they are aware of and reports what they notice. 

*The facilitator opens the session in prayer.

*The recipient recalls a memory of joy, peace, or connection.

*The recipient savors the memory, offers appreciation, and reports how they feel about this memory.

*The facilitator invited the recipient to experience Immanuel.

*If blockages or pain surfaces, the facilitator offers options to connect and may desire to receive help from Immanuel in addressing these or resolving pain. 

*The session concludes with prayer.

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