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Spiritual Direction

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Heather offers many types of spiritual direction in which you can encounter, listen to, and grow in a relationship with Jesus

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Spiritual Direction: Services

What does a Spiritual Director Offer

  1. They listen.  They engage in conversation, one to another.  But, with a focus, to pay attention to what happens when they try to engage in a relationship with God. They encourage them to talk about their experience, asking for clarification and expansion.

  2. They foster a contemplative attitude in directees.  Often, the first question isn’t “What does this mean?” rather, “What happened during this experience?”

  3. They help directees discern.  Once an experience has been explored in some detail, the Spiritual Director can help the directee with the question of whether this experience is an experience of God, or rather, what in this experience is of God and what is not.

  4. They help directees to notice resistance to new developments in the relationship with God.  Exploration of what might be getting in the way.

  5. Prayer.  They will pray with and for you.  Additionally, they may offer different ways to pray, expanding the way you may already be communicating with God. 

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Spiritual Direction: Testimonials

Kelly C

“Heather provides a safe space for me to hear from Holy Spirit and affirms what God is doing & speaking into my life in my current season. She encourages me to rest in the Spirit’s presence, grow in my relationship with Jesus, and gently reminds me of Father God’s heart for me. My times with Heather are such a gift.”


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"The most beautiful and stirring adventure that can happen to you is the personal meeting with Jesus, who is the only one who gives us real meaning in our lives."

St Pope John Paul II

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