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Spiritual Direction

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Heather Makowicz, a Certified Spiritual Director and Therapist, is committed to protecting the privacy of her directees/clients and site visitors.  She does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information or email addresses to others. The information collected from her directees/clients is used only for the purpose of keeping them informed about her services.

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What is Spiritual Direction?

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a Spiritual Director prayerfully invites a person to become more aware of God’s presence and communication in the context of their daily lives.  Through deep, attentive listening and discernment, the director intentionally provides a sacred space for the individual (the directee) to respond and grow in intimacy with God

They listen. They foster a contemplative attitude in directees. They help directees discern. They help directees to notice resistance to new developments in the relationship with God. They will pray with and for you.

We talk about your prayer life, the way you view God, your dreams, and where you struggle.

Certified Spiritual Directors are graduates of accredited centers of training.  We offer the service as a ministry and as a professional service.

Spiritual Direction is for anyone intentionally seeking to deepen their relationship with God.  A person has a wiliness to make time for regular periods of daily prayer, an openness to inviting God into daily life (blessings, challenges, and decisions), and to desire God to be prioritized above all things.

When the stirring arises in you to consider Spiritual Direction, ask the Lord to reveal how you may like to begin.  Most start by meeting 1x a month for 45-50 minutes, others desire to meet more often.  Additionally, I invite you to review Preparation for the First Session.

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Preparing for Your First Session

Files to download

Contact me below if you are interested in Spiritual Direction. To further help your decision-making, look over my 'Questions to Ponder' document. If you decide to set up a session, print out the release form and sign before you arrive. Know that your privacy and confidentiality is my first priority!

Questions to Ponder before your first Spiritual Direction meeting

Confidentiality Information and Release

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Spiritual Direction: Testimonials

Kelly C

“Heather provides a safe space for me to hear from Holy Spirit and affirms what God is doing & speaking into my life in my current season. She encourages me to rest in the Spirit’s presence, grow in my relationship with Jesus, and gently reminds me of Father God’s heart for me. My times with Heather are such a gift.”

Talk to Heather

Prayer requests? Want to know more about Spiritual Direction? Heather would love to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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"The most beautiful and stirring adventure that can happen to you is the personal meeting with Jesus, who is the only one who gives us real meaning in our lives."

St Pope John Paul II

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