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Hello and Goodbye

There is a time for everything...Ecclesiastes 3:1

In 2006, we adopted Copper, our Basset Hound. We enjoyed his howling and skipping as he ran down the street like an inchworm! He was our court jester who made us laugh in an otherwise busy household with many demands on our schedule between surgeries, moves, and some adjustments to some difficult transitions.

I would often walk down the street while I prayed with him, reviewing my day with God. In the later years, when he turned 14, the walking became more like a slow mosey. His pace allowed me to soak in the nature around me and listen to God's invitations. I walked with this venerable old man until he turned 16 and couldn't walk anymore without pain.

It was time to make a difficult decision to put him down, a painful memory I will never forget. He became an integral part of our family. We went to our vet on a farm and she said I could take him on our last walk together. It was time to say goodbye to our Copper and thank him and to thank God for the pivotal part he played in our family. What a gift he was to us!

Invitation for you:

Has there been a time in your life when you cherished a pet or an individual you loved that you had to let go?

It's ok to grieve with God... then thank Him for the gift this person or pet has been to you...for this season in life.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


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