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Weekend, overnight and one-day offerings

Below are some of Heather's upcoming retreats.  She has partnered with various retreat centers throughout the Northeast.

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Encountering God in Nature


Encountering God in Nature


Guided Rosary Walk

Friday April 31- May 2, 2021

Through speaking sessions, silence, and personal encounters with the exquisite nature of our surroundings in Biddeford Pool, Maine, Heather will guide an encounter with the Divine.

October 19-21, 2021

 This retreat is open to adults seeking to slow down by allowing nature to support us in an extended time of prayer with the living God. 

May 22, 2021

Heather Makowicz and Anne DeSantis present a contemplative, guided rosary walk for Catholics affected by divorce or separation.

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About Heather Makowicz

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Welcome to my site!

I'm deeply privileged to accompany individuals and small groups, integrating a life of faith with our natural human experiences, both broken and blessed.

You can see her upcoming retreats here.

In 2018, I founded Peak Encounter Ministries, Inc. to create a space for people to encounter God in nature through outdoor experiential retreats integrating scripture, prayer, and fellowship. 

As a therapist at The Peacemaker Center in West Chester, Pa (currently pursuing her LCSW) she believes strongly that God brings about restoration within each person when there is an integration of our natural human experiences/tendencies and the attentive listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit deep within us.

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