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A Woodpecker's Invitation

“Listen! I am standing at the door and knocking”

Revelation 3:20 (NET Bible)

It was a quiet morning, at the cabin, sipping my coffee at sunrise. The woods buffered any noise of traffic from the dirt road a quarter of a mile away. I could only feel the gentle morning breeze as it brushed across my face. This was truly a slice of heaven!

When nature and silence converge, it creates a space for me to listen to God more clearly.

Scanning the scene around me, I waited for what God wanted to share. The response I received was invitational, clear, and short. When I listen for a word from God He usually involves wildlife. Saint Francis of Assisi never seems to be too far behind!

My eyes landed on a woodpecker perched on a tree. This fascinating bird repetitively pecked at the wood, interrupting the quiet and deafening all other sounds.

I had a sense that the Lord said, “I stand at the door and knock, what will your answer be today?” Wow, how simple, yet profound! He planted a seed, an invitation to spend time with him to respond. I replied, “Come in through the door of my heart. Cleanse me, heal me, and lead me to you encounter you more deeply.”

Later that day, I noticed the blessings God gave me, especially ones I might typically take for granted, such as undivided time with family, a disconnection from the noise of media, and being able to hear the whisper of his gentle voice, inviting me to spend unhurried time with him. I knew this was a special grace received that day and head back home the next day to the busy suburbs.

How could I take what I learned back home? Maybe, when he knocks again, I let him in, a daily choice offered to all of us. How will you respond?

Dear Lord,

Thank you for those quiet moments you offer me to quiet my spirit and settle my soul. Help me to see those “divine appointments” through your creation for us to meet, whether it’s through a bird, a tree, a lake, or the gentle breeze.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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